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The Sommer Survey captures the complete decision strategy of individuals and teams, enabling decision makers to know how team members will act on the job.

Our Motivational Modeling® technology identifies and predicts which behavioral components are the key ingredients for success in a specific job setting.

We identify how people turn work responsibilities into everyday decisions, providing you a solid understanding of how to anticipate and manage people on the job.

Each person has a recipe for success, which is based on someone’s motivation and decision-making strategy. Add in context, and you get to understand someone’s Organizational Intelligence®.

Together they form The Motivated Mind®, enabling us to predict on-the-job behavior and performance with an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

SommerYeager – The Motivated Mind™

The Sommer Survey – Motivational modeling™


Our user interface and reports are intuitive and comprehensive; there are no complicated charts or numbers. Designed to be a business tool, they are suitable for trained and untrained users.


Based on the latest scientific advances in decision-making and psycholinguistics, we identify the indicators of motivation and behavior, from the deep structure of language.


Personality explains what a person is like, while the Sommer Survey profile explains what a person will do for the organization with the job at hand.


From recruitment to executive coaching and team building, the Sommer Survey helps you make better business decisions about your people, resulting in higher returns and less money lost.

What our clients say about the Sommer Survey:

I can’t wait to show this to my people. This report really helps me clarify my strategy and approach to my folks.
Senior Manager, Technology

I like that this is different from personality; it’s context-based and highly focused on business.
Senior VP HR, Telecom

The reports are comprehensive and intuitive. I can put this on the table and start a conversation with a candidate.
HR consultant

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