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An Assessment Center in a 25-Minute Hi-Tech Package™

The Sommer Survey has the impact of an Assessment Center by asking the individual to make real world choices about the job situation in question. From a comprehensive set of decision-making components, the Sommer Survey reveals the individual or team’s real world strategy for executing the job in question. The Sommer Survey also provides actionable answers for how to motivate and appeal to the profiled individuals.

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Would you like to know what your executives plan to do in the current job or proposed job? And how to communicate with them in ways that connect with them?

The Sommer Survey profiles the implicit linguistic deep structure driving the individual’s decisions, offering an unrivaled assessment of performance motivation. You get the individual’s embedded choices and rationales within the context of the job or role—giving you a real profile of motivated decision making in real job situations.

How is the Sommer Survey better than popular assessment tests?

First, it is not a test. It is a strategic and tactical profile of the individual’s plan to do the job. The Sommer Survey profiles the individual’s job or situational strategy and tactics in detail. The reports show a person’s road map to job success in job and business situations. An equivalent insight in their motives and decisions could not be captured by a week of depth interviews nor by a dozen popular personality tests.

Generalized tests don’t help if they don’t reveal how the person intends to execute the job.

The Sommer Survey profiles the full range of executive thinking and the individual’s choices and priorities for deciding about the job you need executed successfully. Personality traits cannot profile the countless choices that drive job success. The Sommer Survey elicits the individual’s detailed roadmap of choices that drives the job success for your immediate situation.

The Sommer Survey measures the business impact of constant change on an individual: goals, experience, competitive pressures, decisions, insights, coaching, networking and shifting priorities.

You get in-depth measures of changes that come with evolving expectations in the job and in your current business context. You get prior insight on interactions that will happen with the boss, teammates, customers and the competition. You can anticipate the individual’s real-world adaptations to shifting goals, morphing projects, and other real world situations that change the job priorities. Only the Sommer Survey measures, in-depth, the dynamic strategy that a person wants to use in executing the job at hand.