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Executives, managers, CEOs, presidents and board members in Fortune 500 companies have told us things that they could not or would not articulate before. That was because they had no tool to help them openly express themselves in an articulate and non-judgmental manner. When we parsed their language patterns in particular ways, they got the insight they wanted. We have built a lot of that open-minded motivational and decision making know-how into the Sommer Survey™. With these comments, they portray their own results with our technology…

My key goal in trying this assessment was to get my team on the same page. We are all extremely different – not only in our responsibilities, but as executives. I wanted to find a way to build on each of our strengths, while helping to illuminate our challenges so that we can best support each other. This survey helped us do that. We saw how our similarities and differences would produce synergy in our working relationships. Since we received our results, we have refreshed our strategies, reorganized priorities and opened new lines of communication. I believe this will really help us.

Executive - Healthcare Industry

I am not a fan of surveys. Never have been, and thought I never would be. I have seen enough fortune-cookie generalizations to think that is all that these kind of “personality ” or “motivation assessments ” can offer. I have to admit – this was different. The report I received explained how I think and make decisions. It encapsulated the reasons I lean towards certain behaviors in my current position. As I am looking to move up, these explanations gave me a unique perspective that I can use to “recreate” myself as I move forward. I have a plan for actively choosing what characteristics about myself I want to foster, and which ones I may need to modify to get me where I want to go. I cannot say I have ever gotten that before.

Executive - Marketing

I need to see things in black and white, in writing, to understand them. When the results of the survey were given to me I was like– YES! I finally get who I am! It was all written out for me to see– and I think I heard the click go off in my head! The survey report sits on my coffee table, and I refer to it often. It helped me figure out what jobs to apply to, what jobs I would be happiest doing, and more. Anyone who is feeling lost or confused about where they are in their career, how they can advance, or what they should be doing (work-wise) would benefit greatly!

Blaire - Media personality

The Sommer Survey is an amazing diagnostic tool. It captured who I am so well it was mind-boggling. Having my decision preferences and tendencies spelled out so clearly on paper is infinitely valuable to me. The survey makes me more confident and trusting in my obvious strengths, and uncovered many dormant strengths that can help me reach my goals more quickly and easily. The base report helped me look in the mirror and embrace my strengths, and also recognize my potential for growth. The comparison report helped me see the big picture in my business. Every detail about how my business currently runs is explained in the report. With the help of SommerYeager Consulting services, I now have a plan that will enable me to capitalize on our strengths, shore up our improvement opportunities, and eliminate blind spots

Dom DiJulia - Golf Magazine's
 Top 100 Teachers in America

The tools and skills that I have learned from Linda Sommer through the Sommer Survey have provided an essential framework in refining my brand image from “inconsistent communicator with potential” to a leader who is consistent in approach, calm in crisis, in control, and focused on collective success. Simply put, it was the longest (and most fun) “a-ha” moment I ever had.

D. McLeester - VP Supply Chain

We didn’t have to be trained in anything new – which is huge when you are in HR and constantly needing to learn a new tool or assessment or scale of some kind. After a brief orientation, I was able to roll this out – get people on board – and provide them with their results. It was easy, and I have gotten great feedback from our managers that the results are extremely actionable right away.

Executive - Human Resources