Campus Recruitment Program

Market challenges

Attracting graduates:

  • Everybody is fishing in the same pond
  • War for talent is increasing
  • Establishing a positive employer brand is costly
  • Negative experiences can have a long lasting negative impact

Selecting the best graduates:

  • Interviewing graduates without relevant work experience is difficult
  • Typical recruiting practices are about as accurate as flipping a coin
  • It is difficult to predict who will become a top performer

High costs:

  • Costs per hire are typically +$5,000
  • Marketing campaigns are costly
  • Campus involvement takes time
  • Onboarding, training & guidance is costly and time intensive
  • Bad hires typically cost +$25,000

Program benefits

  • Fewer bad hires = real dollars saved
  • Reduced turnover
  • More candidates that fit manager expectations
  • Tangible tools for HR and managers to be more effective in their role
  • A better manager-employee relationship

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Higher return on all your Campus Recruitment investments
  • Get more out of your budget
  • More effective career planning
  • Quantitative and measurable results

The Sommer Survey® will reveal tangible, work related features about someone’s performance on the job.

By using the Sommer Survey you will know:

  • what makes graduates stay or leave
  • what makes graduates perform in your organization
  • what managers expect from these graduates
  • how your graduate’s strategy matches the business
  • how graduates understand their role and priorities

  • how to attract more suitable candidates
  • how to interview graduates for necessary job criteria
  • how to get suitable candidates to join you instead of the competition
  • how to get the most out of each graduate

Program setup

Graduates complete the Sommer Survey® 3 times in the first year, each time for a different purpose.

Pre-employment or at start
Mid-year evaluation (after 4-6 months)
End of year evaluation (after 10-12 months)


  • Gain insight in their decision strategy to get to success on the job
  • Zero-point measurement


  • Insight in their updated strategy now that they know the job
  • Create benchmark


  • Fine tune benchmark
  • Define essential features for new candidates


  • Concise report for managers: get to know your new employee
  • Manager vs graduates comparison (team or individual)
  • Recruitment analysis: common behavioral features among recruits


  • Performance appraisal report for managers: behavior change manual
  • Communication suggestions to attract high performing graduates
  • Suggested interview questions for next year’s graduates


  • Comparison report: evaluating how the graduate has grown on the job
  • Refined benchmark that indicates high performance
  • Suggestions to increase Campus Recruitment effectiveness


This program is easy to set up, cost effective and practically risk-free.

Get in touch with us now for more information or to get started.